Q- How does the live portion of the class work?
A- Each week we meet for approximately 90 minutes where I give a lecture and do critiques of the work that has come in.   It's informal and you are encouraged to ask questions if you don't understand something.

Q- I can't make the live part of the class-- can I still take a course?
A- Absolutely.  The lectures are recorded and I post information on the classroom blog which details whatever that week's assignment is.  You need only complete the assignments given to participate.  The live session is more or less bonus material.

Q- I can't write/draw so why would I take a drawing/writing class?
A- Anyone can train themselves to do either or both-- but it takes dedication.  We all draw when we're in kindergarten and some of us stop and focus on other things while others keep practicing.  You just have to catch up and these classes will help.

Q- Do you need a degree to make comics?
A- Nope.  I went to the School of Visual Arts in New York and the value there was not in the degree I earned but in the lessons I learned.  I teach those very same lessons here the only difference is the tuition is about 10% of what SVA charges.

Q- What are your qualifications to teach these courses?
A- I've got 15 graphic novels under my belt as well as hundreds of individual comic stories as well as a series of acclaimed How To Books on Graphic Novels and Art from Quarto Publishing in London.

Q- How much time do I need to put aside for assignments each week?
A- That varies depending on you and your style, but I'd figure at least six production hours per week.

Q- Is it true that you studied with Will Eisner and Jack Kirby?
A- Yes it is-- Eisner was a mentor while I was in school, and my relationship with Kirby was casual but we spent a combined many hours talking about sequential art and its connection to film.

Q- Who are you working for now?
A- I'm currently on a project at Dark Horse Comics where I'm handling the layouts, color blocks and lettering.  I can't name the project yet because it has yet to be announced, but we've been working on it for over a half a year.

I'm also working on a murder mystery graphic novel set during the dust bowl, but I'm not ready to shop it to publishers yet.


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