2017-2018 CLASSES

Classes continue throughout the year following a college type schedule.  Each course is designed to aide you in your creation of your own personal graphic novel works.

Spring Semester Mar 7th 2018 - Apr 25th 2018
Techniques and Textures
The fundamentals of good inking. Inking finishes the work-- it gives it weight and polish. Good inking defines backgrounds, foregrounds and midgrounds. There are ways to create black, white and gray in your inking. Line weights define space and object location. Confidence in line, working with a variety of brushes, using creative tools to create texture effects. Whether you're working digitally or traditionally doesn't really matter because the theories are the same.
Fee: $348USD 8 weeks
Registration Open and Limited.

OR PAY IN INSTALLMENTS 4 payments of $87.00 over the 8 week course.

Spring Semester II - May 9-Jun 27 2018
Lettering and Coloring
Often dismissed as "piece" work-- nothing makes your work look more professional than good lettering and coloring and there is a craft to both.
Good lettering makes your characters "act" and deliver the dialogue the way you intend it to come across to your reader.  We will also cover how to create your own professional looking balloons.
Good coloring sets the mood and tone and establishes new settings.
Fee: $348USD 7 weeks
Registration Opens mid April

May 16
May 23
May 30
Jun 06
Jun 13
Jun 20
Jun 27

Summer Session I Jul 11- Aug 1 2018
Fee: $225USD 4 weeks
Registration Opens Mid June
The History of Comic Art and Graphic Novels
What better time to sit and read comic books than a lazy Summer day? Understanding the work that has gone before us is a fundamental of building your ability to tell a story in sequential art.   In this class all reading material is provided as PDF Files and there will be a discussion each week as to what we've read.   We will cover ALL phases of the publishing history of the comic book from 1938 to today.

Summer Session II Aug 15- Sept 5 2018
Fee: $225USD 4 weeks
Registration Opens Mid July
Freelancer Experience
One of the chances for us to have some fun!  In this four week intensive class  you'll write a script that one of the other students will draw and you'll draw the script provided to you.   This is a terrific lesson in collaboration as well as a chance to see what it's like to be a freelancer.  I'll be acting as the editor of this project and we'll make a printed book edition of the final results at the end of the session.

Fall Semester Sept 19- Nov 21 2018
Fee: $348USD 8 weeks
Scripting and Plotting
Registration opens mid August
Everyone can write-- everyone can draw it just takes dedication.
In this session we'll work on writing our own scripts and plots-- we'll cover capturing dialogue and examine writing techniques like red herrings and creating plot twists and turns.  You'll learn how to draft an effective full script and how to write a quick plot, then schedule a deadline to get that project going.

Sept 19
Sept 26
Oct 03
Oct 17
Oct 24
Nov 07
Nov 15
Nov 21

Xmas Semester Dec 5 2018- Feb 6 2019
Fee $348USD 8 weeks
Pitching, Publishing and Producing
Registration Opens Mid Nov
All right-- you've got your great epic done and ready for the world to read it-- what now?  With extensive experience in all avenues of publishing from working with a publisher to self publishing I'm going to cover all of your options including;
1- Putting together a pitch for companies and potential publishers.
2- Jumping into the world of self publishing and distribution.
3- Going Online-- Comixology Submit, Online Web Comics
4- Marketing and Conventions
5- Licensing and Film!


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