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CLASSES are on HIATUS until mid to late November due to project commitments.

Welcome to MAKING GRAPHIC NOVELS-- an online resource to learn how to create your own graphic novel works from conception to publication or finding a publisher.  The courses are taught by me, Andy Fish, author and illustrator of dozens of graphic novels as well as a series of HOW TO BOOKS from Quarto Publishing in London.

If you're here it's likely you have an interest in creating your own comics or graphic novels.  I get approached several times a month by writers looking for artists to work on "spec" i.e. draw the script they have for them with payment after publication if its successful-- and artists who reach out to see if I know of any freelance gigs for them.

The truth is you make your own luck and you determine your own fate.  For the writers-- learning how to draw is not as impossible as it seems, but it takes effort on your part.  While I can write a page of script in about 10 minutes or so that same page translated into artwork in a sequential narrative will take me five to TWELVE hours, and that's with thirty years of drawing experience.

If you're a writer with comic scripts the cold hard fact is it's nearly impossible to get an editor to read them if you've not been published anywhere else.  If you're an artist with comic art samples it's not quite as hard to find work but there is still a difficult road in front of you.

These classes are designed to help with both.  While I do a writing class in the Fall, I also encourage writers to take the drawing classes for two reasons;
1- It will allow them to learn how to think visually and see what challenges an artist faces with a given script.
2- For the writers with the dedication they can learn how to create, at minimum, detailed thumbnails for the artists they're going to work with, and with some really serious effort they can get the skills to draw their own work.

The classes are designed so that new students can jump in almost all year round.  There are one or two advanced classes that I would discourage a new student to start with, but for the most part you can start with a class virtually anytime there is enrollment.

Enrollment ends a few days before classes begin so if you're on the fence feel free to email me at andy@andytfish.com  (don't forget the T) and I'll be happy to answer questions.

Regarding skill levels; each and every class is designed for Beginners up through Experienced abilities and I tailor the lessons for a student's ability as we go.  Not everyone has the same goal in mind but if you listen to the lecture, ask questions and then do the assignments I give you it won't be long before you start to make progress.

I have a long history with successful students both from my days teaching at Mass College of Art and Design and Emerson College and now we're going on four years of online classes.  I'm a straight shooter and the techniques I offer are easy to understand and effective and when we get into the publishing and production sessions I give you real life advice that works.

You can think about starting your journey to getting your work published, but the first step is to sign up.


  1. These classes are extremely helpful for the teaching and the supportive community. Thanks


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