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Learn the Craft of Creating Graphic Novels

CLASSES are on HIATUS until mid to late November due to project commitments. Welcome to MAKING GRAPHIC NOVELS-- an online resource to learn how to create your own graphic novel works from conception to publication or finding a publisher.  The courses are taught by me, Andy Fish, author and illustrator of dozens of graphic novels as well as a series of HOW TO BOOKS from Quarto Publishing in London. If you're here it's likely you have an interest in creating your own comics or graphic novels.  I get approached several times a month by writers looking for artists to work on "spec" i.e. draw the script they have for them with payment after publication if its successful-- and artists who reach out to see if I know of any freelance gigs for them. The truth is you make your own luck and you determine your own fate.  For the writers-- learning how to draw is not as impossible as it seems, but it takes effort on your part.  While I can write a page of script in about 10