Learn the Craft of Creating Graphic Novels

CLASSES are on HIATUS until mid to late November due to project commitments. Welcome to MAKING GRAPHIC NOVELS-- an online resource to learn how to create your own graphic novel works from conception to publication or finding a publisher.  The courses are taught by me, Andy Fish, author and illustrator of dozens of graphic novels as well as a series of HOW TO BOOKS from Quarto Publishing in London. If you're here it's likely you have an interest in creating your own comics or graphic novels.  I get approached several times a month by writers looking for artists to work on "spec" i.e. draw the script they have for them with payment after publication if its successful-- and artists who reach out to see if I know of any freelance gigs for them. The truth is you make your own luck and you determine your own fate.  For the writers-- learning how to draw is not as impossible as it seems, but it takes effort on your part.  While I can write a page of script in about 10


By popular demand I'm doing a series of one on one sessions which will offer no lecture but instead be direction focused and critique filled. You can choose either private half hour sessions or semi-private which will be limited to four attendees. The scheduling of each session will be based on your availability. four half hour sessions. Or choose BOTH sessions (8 in Total) Choose Your Session Option Private Sessions $200.00 USD Semi Private Sessions $100.00 USD BOTH Sessions (8Total) $300.00 USD Or Pay in Installments Choose Your Options Private Sessions : $20.00 USD - weekly Semi Private Sessions : $10.00 USD - weekly Both Sessions : $30.00 USD - weekly